The Latest Version is v0.9.0

This version fixes green and adds support for the INSERT, DELETE and TAB keys.


MagiTerm is a work-in-progress Terminal for SSH Bulletin Board Systems for Linux / OpenIndiana and Windows.

It Supports:

  • Downloads/Uploads via LRZSZ *
  • Dialing Directory
  • Simple Font Changing
  • Copy/Pasting
  • Double Size Mode (ALT-D)
  • Blinking Text
  • ICE Colours
  • Clickable Links
  • Scrollback Buffer

(*) Only Zmodem supported and LRZSZ must be installed (it’s included in the windows and macOS packages).




You can download the windows installer here

You can download a macOS package here

You can download Linux Packages here

Snap packages are available in the edge channel for amd64, arm64, i386 and armhf.

    sudo snap install magiterm --channel=edge
    sudo snap connect magiterm:password-manager-service :password-manager-service

You can download the source via git with:

    git clone git://