v0.8-alpha Tagged

v0.8-alpha has been tagged!

What’s new:

  • Reworked IPv6 (Two sockets per server)
  • OpenIndiana, DragonFlyBSD & OpenBSD Support
  • Improved MagiChat (featuring colour!)
  • File Searching
  • Signature Support
  • Lots of other little fixes and improvements.

Starting with this release I am thinking of taking a few leaves out of ENiGMA 1/2‘s book and creating a branch to work on v0.9-alpha rather than adding all new features to master.

Also, I’m thinking I’ll stop getting “releases” hatched out, as the best way to keep Magicka up-to-date is with Git, and tarballs/zip files don’t make that easy.


Reworked IPv6

Reworking of IPv6 support is now done, Magicka, magiftpd and magichat all support IPv6 and IPv4 on separate sockets. This means you can easily switch off IPv6 if you want to, it also means that Magicka now runs on DragonFlyBSD and OpenBSD which do not support IPv4 connections in an IPv6 socket.

Blacklisting/Whitelisting is now organised into two files each, blacklist.ip4, blacklist.ip6 and whitelist.ip4, whitelist.ip6.

magiftpd.ini and bbs.ini now have “Enable IPv6 = true/false” added, if omitted, it defaults to off.

magichat (server) has a new command line parameter to enable IPv6. eg.

magichat 6667 true

Will start a server listening on port 6667 on IPv4 and IPv6 whereas

magichat 6667


magichat 6667 false

Will only listen on IPv4.


New Site

Please bear with me while I get this new site up and running.