MagickaBBS is a Bulletin Board System (BBS) for Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenIndiana, DragonFlyBSD and OpenBSD

Magicka contains both Telnet & SSH servers, an FTP server and a HTTP server. It is able to run both native and DOS doors (via DosBox or Dosemu). It comes with an external full screen editor, a mail tosser/scanner and bluewave offline mail. It has internal ZModem, and works with external protocols like LRZSZ. Magicka is also easily configurable via ini files, and a configuration utility is in the works.


Login screen

Magicka can be customized easily with your own ANSI screens, modifying the strings file, and utilizing LUA to script things like the login stanza, menus and more.

Mail Listing

Mail reading is easy with the lightbar driven message listings, the full screen reader with full ANSI message handling, and replying with the full screen external editor.

File Listing

Files are sorted into directories and sub directories, but the actual files can exist anywhere on the disk. Downloading is easy with either built in ZModem support or by configuring and external protocol like LRZSZ. Uploads import FILE_ID.DIZ files, and remain hidden until approved by the sysop using the filecenter tool.