===== MagiNet Configuration =====

==== mnet.cfg ====

MagiNet is configured via on sentral mnet.cfg file. Here is an example:

    MYNODE 3
    UPLINK 1
    FTPHOST cryptopiabbs.com
    FTPUSER apam
    FTPPASS secret
    INDIR /home/pi/MagickaBBS/mnet/in
    OUTDIR /home/pi/MagickaBBS/mnet/out
    ORIGINLINE A Cool Mystic BBS!
    LOGFILE /home/pi/MagickaBBS/mnet/mnet.log
    HOSTTXT /home/pi/MagickaBBS/mnet/hosttxt.cfg
    ACCESSFILE /home/pi/MagickaBBS/mnet/access.cfg

    ; Area definitions AreaNo, HostNo, Jam Path, Exports...
    ; Unless you are a host, this should be filled in by mnetsubunsub
    ;MSGAREA 1, 1, /home/pi/MagickaBBS/msgs/hnn_gen, 2, 3, 4


This is the node you are given when signing up to a MagiNet Network


Usually False, unless you're hosting a MagiNet Network


Usually 1, unless you have some strange configuration


This is the FTP Host with which you send and receive mail.


The Username for your FTP sessions.


The Password for your FTP sessions.


This directory is where inbound messages are placed.


This is the directory in which outbound messages are placed.


This is unused in Magicka, and exists only for those running other BBS


The name and path of a log file to log things.


This is an optional configuration file for area hosts who want to add
customized ACCEPT messages.


This is an optional configuration file for area hosts who want to control
who can connect to their area.


The message area lines define the message areas you are connectedto and
hosting. For areas that you are connected to, this is managed by mnetsubunsub.
However if you want to host your own message area you will need to fill in
the line manually.

 * The AreaNo is the number for the area, conventionally you would
   chose an area number prefixed with your node number followed by 2
   digits, so if you are node 4, you would pick node 400 to 499. This
   allows you to host up to 100 areas.

 * The Node number is your node number, or the number of the host
   hosting the area

 * JAM Path is the path and filename (without extension) of the JAM
   message base to store messages in for this area.

 * Exports, this should not be managed manually, leave it blank and
   it will fill in itself when people sub/unsub.

==== HOSTTXT ====

    1, /home/pi/MagickaBBS/mnet/hnn_gen.txt
    2, /home/pi/MagickaBBS/mnet/hnn_phonebook.txt

Each line in the HOSTTXT config file represents an area and consists of two
comma seperated values, first the area number, and second the text file to
include in the message.

==== ACCESSFILE ====

   1, BLACKLIST, 2, 3
   2, WHITELIST, 2, 3

Each line of the ACCESSFILE config file represents an area, the first comma
seperated value is the area number, the second is the mode (WHITELIST or 
BLACKLIST), after that follows the nodes you wish to "WHITELIST" or
"BLACKLIST" from your area.