===== Configuring FTN Message Bases =====

FTN Message base configuration is similar to Local bases, except they include
an extra network section, and networked = true in the main section.

Here is an example included in the default install.

    Visible Sec Level = 10
    Networked = true
    Real Names = false

    type = fido
    fido node = 637:1/999
    domain = happynet

    Read Sec Level = 10
    Write Sec Level = 10
    Path = /home/andrew/MagickaBBS/msgs/hnet_general
    Type = Echo 
    QWK Name = HN_GEN
    QWK Conference = 301

    Read Sec Level = 10
    Write Sec Level = 10
    Path = /home/andrew/MagickaBBS/msgs/hnet_netmail
    Type = Netmail
    QWK Name = HN_NET
    QWK Conference = 399

The network block contains the following:

  * Type
  This equals fido for fidonet style networks.

  * Fido Node
  This is your fidonet style network's node number (May or may not include a

  * Domain
  This is the domain of the fidonet network, currently used to distinguish
  which node numbers belong to which network in the nodelists.sq3 database.

  * Tagline
  This is optional and can be used to set network specific taglines.

The area sections are identical to local mail, with the exception that Type
should equal "Echo" or "Netmail" depending on the area type.

This is all for setting up networked bases in magicka, however you will still
need to configure magimail and binkd.