This page will describe how to setup the InterBBS part of the BBS lister.

Step 1. Compile the tools

Compile the tools located in utils/mbbslist

cd utils/mbbslist

Step 2. Create an INI file for your entry

The first INI file you need is the one used to create the message to send out to other BBSes.

BBS Name = Some BBS
Sysop Name = Sysop
Location = Timbuktu
Software = MagickaBBS
Address =
Telnet Port = 2023
SSH Port = 2024
Comment = Lots of files and doors!

All fields are required except Telnet Port and SSH Port (though it’s recommended to enter at least one of them!)

run bbslistentrygen on this to create a text file that you will post with the mgpost utility.

./bbslistentrygen bbslist.ini /path/to/output.asc

Step 3. Set up mgpost to send your entry

An example for an mgpost.ini would be:

; Echo mail:
;     TRUE = Fido Echo
;     MAGI = Mnet echo
;     FALSE = Local Mail
Echomail = TRUE
BBS Path = /path/to/MagickaBBS
Message File = /path/to/output.asc
Message Base = /path/to/msgs/fsx/fsx_dat
Base Type = JAM
From = some-bbs
Subject = MBBSLIST
Local AKA = 21:1/999
Origin Line = Some BBS
; Magi Node = 2

Then at regular intervals, run mgpost with this ini file to post your entry to the data area.

Step 4. Set up Scanning / Importing

Create an ini file for bbslistentryscan called scan.ini (or whatever you want to call it)

BBSList Database = /path/to/MagickaBBS/bbslist2.sq3
Message Base = /path/to/msgs/fsx/fsx_dat
Message Base Type = JAM

Please note only JAM is currently supported.

Next Run

./bbslistentryscan scan.ini

Please note it’s important to run bbslistentryscan from the same working directory each time.

Step 5. Putting it all together

This is a script I personally use runing from crontab daily. Though, weekly may be better.

cd /home/andrew/MagickaBBS/advert
/home/andrew/MagickaBBS/utils/mgpost/mgpost bbslist.ini
touch /home/andrew/MagickaBBS/mail.out

cd /home/andrew/MagickaBBS/utils/mbbslist
./bbslistentryscan scan.ini

Step 6. Modifying your entry

If your details change, you can modify your entry file and regenerate the message. Only BBSes of the same name are overwritten - so if you change your BBS name you must start over.