DOSEMU only runs on Linux/x86 and Linux/x86_64, if you’re running on another platform, try the DOSBOX tutorial.

In this example, I will be configuring for MagickaBBS and Tiny’s Hangman game.

Install DOSEMU

Depending on your distribution, this command will be different. On ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install dosemu

Should do the trick.

Configure DOSEMU

First, run dosemu once to create /home/someuser/.dosemu/ paths then modify the supplied autoexec.bat.

This is my autoexec.bat (in /home/someuser/.dosemu/drive_c/)

@echo off
path z:\bin;z:\gnu;z:\dosemu
set HELPPATH=z:\help
set TEMP=c:\tmp
prompt $P$G
lredir del d: > nul
lredir d: linux\fs/home/someuser/MagickaBBS/doors
unix -e

Configure a Door

Firstly you want a dosemu.conf for calling the door, I use the same one for calling all my dos doors.

This is my dosemu.conf (in /home/someuser/MagickaBBS/doors/)

$_cpu = "80486"
$_cpu_emu = "vm86"
$_external_char_set = "utf8"
$_internal_char_set = "cp437"
$_term_updfreq = (8)
$_layout = "us"
$_rawkeyboard = (0)
$_com1 = "virtual"

You will need both THANG23B.ZIP and BNU170.ZIP

First unzip BNU170.ZIP in /home/someuser/MagickaBBS/doors/bnu

Then unzip THANG23B.ZIP in /home/someuser/MagickaBBS/doors/thang

copy the executables from /home/someuser/MagickaBBS/doors/thang/dos to /home/someuser/MagickaBBS/doors/thang

Next Configure Tiny’s Hangman by editing THANG.CFG. Note: I use dorinfo1.def but you could just as easily use door.sys.

Now create a batch file that we will use to launch tiny’s hangman from DOS.

@echo off
BNU /L0=11520

create the following sub directories in THANG

mkdir node1
mkdir node2
mkdir node3
mkdir node4

until you have a directory for each node.

Finally, the script for running tinys hangman,

trap '' 2

cp /home/someuser/MagickaBBS/node${NODE}/dorinfo1.def /home/someuser/MagickaBBS/doors/thang/node${NODE}/

/usr/bin/dosemu -quiet -f /home/someuser/MagickaBBS/doors/dosemu.conf -I "dosbanner 0" -E "D:\THANG\THANG.BAT ${NODE}" 2>/dev/null

trap 2

You can then edit your doors.ini to include:

[Tinys Hangman]
command = /home/someuser/MagickaBBS/doors/
stdio = true
codepage = CP437

and finally edit doors.mnu

DATA Tinys Hangman

Then restart Magicka and you should be able to run Tinys Hangman by pressing 1 on the doors menu.