Step 1. Backup and Shutdown

Firstly, you should always backup your BBS, just incase.

cp -r MagickaBBS MagickaBBS_Backup

Next you should shut down your BBS.

Step 2. Pull and Build

Assuming you’ve installed Magicka BBS from via git rather than use a ZIP file or Tarball, the upgrade process should be rather painless.

git pull

make cleanwww
make www

Step 3. Update Scripts

Next, run any update perl scripts:

ls utils/sql_update/

This will list any update scripts, you’ll only need to run them if they’ve changed since your last pull. should be run on any file areas databases. should be run on your users database.

Step 4. Update Strings

If you keep a customized magicka.strings file, then you will need to make any changes listed in STRINGS.CHANGES, if your strings file is just a link to the one in the dist folder, it is automatically updated so you can skip this step.

Step 5. Bring the BBS Back up

At this point you can safely bring your BBS back up.