===== Updating Magicka BBS =====

==== Step 1. Backup and Shutdown ====

Firstly, you should always backup your BBS, just incase.

    cp -r MagickaBBS MagickaBBS_Backup

Next you should shut down your BBS.

==== Step 2. Pull and Build ====

Assuming you've installed Magicka BBS from via git rather than use a ZIP file
or Tarball, the upgrade process *should* be rather painless.

    git pull

    make cleanwww
    make www

==== Step 3. Update Scripts ====

Next, run any update perl scripts:

    ls utils/sql_update/

This will list any update scripts, you'll only need to run them if they've
changed since your last pull.

**files_sql_update.pl** should be run on any file areas databases.

**users_sql_update.pl** should be run on your users database.

==== Step 4. Update Strings ====

If you keep a customized magicka.strings file, then you will need to make any
changes listed in STRINGS.CHANGES, if your strings file is just a link to the
one in the dist folder, it is automatically updated so you can skip this step.

==== Step 5. Bring the BBS Back up ====

At this point you can safely bring your BBS back up.